Wat Srisathong - Nakhon Pathom  

Located at Nakhon Pathom province. Luang Phor Tai is a Laotian monks from Vientiane became the first abbot of the temple.
Then Luang Phor Noi changed its name into Srisathong Temple (before is name Huathong Temple).

The legend of Phra Rahu is a immortal giant in Thai myth. The creation of Phra Rahu is that Phra Rahu was created by magical drawing and words, "Suriyabuppa" (eclipse of the sun period) and "Chandrabuppa" (eclipse of the moon period). Both hermits created to sanctify Phra Rahu which taking the sun and the moon in his mouth. The two hermits made those things because they had foresight to know that human will face with grieves and danger in the future. And Phra Rahu could help people to free from those ones.

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Worshipping Phra Rahu with only black colour foods, a list of 8 kinds of black foods and the meanings:
1. Black grapes means good business.
2. Black liqueur means courage to risk or invest.
3. Black coffee means you will get whatever you wish for.
4. Black jelly or Shoa Guay means patience and graceful thought.
5. Black beans mean progress.
6. Black sticky rice means wealth and love form family.
7. Black Thai cake means rewards, success and good luck.
8. Black fermented eggs mean successful contact or errands


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